Filming begins on ‘Glimtar ur Göteborgs historia’ at Kronhuset

On a sleepy Sunday morning in Gothenburg, history came to life at Kronhuset as filming began for ‘Glimtar ur Göteborgs historia’, a series of videos to be implemented as a digital trail to celebrate Gothenburg’s 400th jubilee.

Seven productions are being filmed  Collective Moves and Historieverket in cooperation with Göteborg & Co.

The first production to be filmed on Sunday was ‘Till gagn, prydnad och lust’ by renaissance dance group Fioretto.

“It is June 4, 1621, and the new city of Gothenburg’s governor and his wife Nils and Magdalena Stiernsköld are awaiting King Gustav II Adolf. But tensions run high when his concubine Margareta Slots arrives.”

Behind the scenes in Kronhuset as ‘Till gagn, prydnad och lust’ is filmed

Historieverket produced the trail. Historieverket brings Gothenburg’s cultural heritage to life, by managing and programming cultural heritage spaces including Gathenhielmska Huset and Västra Nordstan. Fostering Gothenburg’s thriving cultural ecosystem.

Collective Moves artists co-created the trail installations and films. Collective Moves is an international collective of artists and performers that co-create stories of people and place in order to support wholeness through art.

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